Headshots & Personal Branding - Andy Phillips

More and more headshots and personal branding are imperative in raising your profile across all media.  

A Personal Branding session with Andy will have you covered, from crops to match  whichever social media you have a presence on, to creating logo enblazoned banners and images.

(or, if you like, to boost your online  dating profile!).

Headshots & Personal Branding

  • Branding & logos

    Your branding, logo, byline, or other information can be incorporated into your image.

  • Crops

    Your image can be cropped to fit your website, your social media streams, your publications

  • Your look

    Your image can be shot for a corporate look, something more casual. A range of looks and editing treatments can cover anything you may need

  • black & white or colour

    A black & white headshot can have such a dramatic effect. I will provide a colour and a black and white of your images

  • banners & branding

    I can create for you a banner for your Facebook page ora smaller square crop for profile pics. Whatever social media streams that you have, or would like to have, I can create an image that will work perfectly.

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